Dance With Naturesm

“When the ancients come riding on a Mighty Mantiou Wind”

from Emerson, Truth, and a Medicine Wheel

Follow  your   heart  up  the   rivers  and  roads,  to   the  place  where all  movement
is  in  harmony   with   energy   from   the  Earth;  where   the   Fundamental 
Movement of  Athleticssm
      synchronizes    the   relationship to energy
with   the   direction  of   travel,   spiraling   to  and   from  a  right 
angle,    in   the   Universal    Sequence    of    Motionsm.

That's where   shapes,    relationships,   and
directions   harmonize   in   nature
, forming our unified expression  
of   athletics.

This  Dance  With  Naturesm, skiing, surfing,  boarding,   kiting,
sailing;  what  has  been,
and  will  become, is a