Wind, Wave, and AQUA FIRMA™

"Science Serving The Spirit"


Some highlights:
Ride In Harmony(TM) has, in the past:
1.  Turned in a scope of services to Alfred Fords' previously proposed ski area in Manali, India that included ground research in the form of geospatial mapping.  
2.  We have researched snow in Ouganda.  Found it, and a company in Glenwood Springs, at the time, that goes there. 
3.  RIH initiated a brainstorming session that was hosted in the offices of the Colorado Water Conservancy in 2003.  Out of that came new methods applied to tamarisk abatement, which hadn't been previously known or used in Colorado. 
4.  There was also an opportunity to contribute to the discussion on emerging water rights issues in Georgia, with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, about 2007.  Georgia Tech or Georgia State, had expertise, developed in a program aimed at mediating water issues between Israel and Palistine, that we brought to his attention.  
5.  The Nile Basin Initiative, is a compact of 11 nations along the Nile River, that among other things, had M.S. and Phd. programs in water rights.  So there are cooperative options.
The point is, that we would like to enter the conversation, and see where it leads.  I can see value in a survey of interests, and complimentary body of knowledge.  BTW, that includes indeginous aspects. If you have an interest, then upon defining that interest, we could submit a proposal.  Our experts have 35-40 years experience in water courts, and have served on the Colorado River Compact.  
Water law was written in 1921, in the Colorado River Compact, based upon erroneous assumptions of Colorado (then Grand) river stream flows, that we have to live with.  Perhaps our expertise can complement the knowledge that's out there, to make good industry decisions and policy.
The RIH natural sciences initiative is called: Wind, Wave, and AQUA-FIRMA (TM).  "Science Serving the Spirit".